How to get Free VC in NBA 2K18 [PROOF]

Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

Follow the tutorial by on how to get Free VC NBA 2K18 by going to

I discovered this really amazing website that lets you get an unlimited amount of free vc locker codes for NBA 2K18. It is free to use and doesn’t require you to do anything to get your free vc other than completing a quick verification.

It is really the only working tool for free vc. I got 50 million vc using this tutorial in under 50 minutes. This tool also works 100%, you get your NBA 2K18 free vc right after you finish your verification. Some say that this tool is a hack but I don’t think so, they just gather free vc locker codes for nba 2k18 and then they add them to your account. It is really as simple as that to claim your NBA 2K18 free vc.

Can you really get free vc on nba 2k18?

Absolutely. I’ve tested this NBA 2K18 tool for free vc over the last 2 days and it always gives me my VC. Just follow the link to the website, enter your username, select the amount of nba 2k18 free vc you want, and after completing the verification they’ll be sent to your account. It’s really that easy..

So what are your thoughts guys? Have you gotten free VC yet? Just leave a comment below and share your experience on getting free vc on nba 2k18 with this tutorial. I’d also appreciate a like or a subscribe!

You can read more about NBA 2K18 on wikipedia, or their official website

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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

How to generate NBA 2k17 VC/Virtual Currency for free! Upgrade your MyPlayer to the max!

Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

This is for the Steam Version of NBA 2k17 only.

I used to upgrade different MyPlayers in NBA 2k16 by locking the price of upgrades to 0 in order to buy all of them for free, but since you can’t do it the same way in 2k17 I thought I’d share the method I’ve been using in a quick video.

Basically I’m starting a MyCareer game, edit my stats, and end the game immediately to get VC.
You usually get around 3k, I also tried getting 4k but I didn’t want to go over that.

To speed up the process you can set the graphics and resolution to low and also use Cheat Engine’s integrated speedhack (I usually set it to 2.5).

Download Links:

Cheat Engine

NBA 2k17 Cheat Table (game version 1.12, Steam BuildID: 1728961):

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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator


Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

Free Locker Code with Free VC, Free MT and a FREE All Star Pack in NBA 2K18 MyTeam

Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

We got a new lockercode in nba 2k18 myteam! We get some free MT , free VC and a free ALL STAR Pack which may include a diamond Vince Carter or an amethyst Michael Jordan from the new all star packs coming soon. Make sure you guys check to see if you got the free locker code and let me know what you guys get from the free pack. Enjoy this video and all the free stuff from 2K. Like, subscribe for more myteam videos as we get ready for the NBA All Star weekend
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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

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