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Stage Glitch
Best Jumpshot
Ante – Up
Best Ankle Breakers
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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

NBA 2k18 VC GLITCH after patch 3 FARM VC FAST after update September 27, 2017

Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

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How To Do VC glitch:


1. Enter the Team Arena

2. Select Nav and Change your jump shot – save Changes

3. Select Nav and go to Options

4. go RIGHT ONCE to change the minutes and it will glitch to 1 minute

5. Enjoy earning 500+ vc for each game.

3 minutes per attempt… 60 minutes in an hour… 60/3= 20 attempts an hour… 500×20= 10,000 vc an hour!
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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator


Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator


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Here > NBA 2k18 VC Generator

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